A courthouse for the public

Sun protection made of HAVER Architectural Mesh with varying open areas.

The new building planned by Ignacio Prego Architects is a contemporary reinterpretation of the profound symbolism of the judicial area. Located in the heart of Pointe-à-Pitre in Guadeloupe, France, the building is designed to reconcile the citizens with the authority of justice.

Heavy rainfall and constantly high temperatures characterize the tropical climate of Pointe-à-Pitre. Trade winds, high humidity and particularly intense sunlight pose a great challenge for the building design. Therefore, the selection of materials and the air conditioning of the building were important aspects in the design of the Palace of Justice.

Sun protection made of HAVER Architectural Mesh with varying open areas
HAVER Architectural Wire Mesh type LARGO-NOVA 2032 VARIO (with varying apertures) covers the street side of the glass façade. To create the desired open character of the building, the wire mesh cladding has to provide a high level of transparency, whilst at the same time provide sun protection. In order to achieve this, the open area is increased significantly in a 1.5 m high horizontal area (band) which runs over the width of the entire façade. The mesh in this part of the façade has an open area of 70 % instead of 40 %. As well as providing a good view from inside to outside, the mesh façade also ensures intimacy for the interior spaces vis-à-vis the busyness of the surrounding streets.

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